What I’ve Been Snacking On

I have a killer sweet tooth.  I need something sweet after dinner every night, usually of the chocolate variety.  In an attempt to avoid because the size of an elephant, I try to make this nightly indulgence a small treat.  Enter my tried-and-true dark chocolate and dried apricots.

Just a square of chocolate and 2 or 3 apricots is all I need.  I nibble each, mixing them together for the perfect combination.  I get go for the dark chocolate they have by the cash registers at Trader Joe’s (3 bars in a pack) and nearly any dried apricot will do.  The more plump, the better.

One day, if I get fancy, I might go through the effort of dipping the apricot in chocolate.

But for now, it’s all crinkled wrappers and little nibbles.